Load custom paper in manual feed slot

Change the paper size, if necessary, to match the size of the paper on which you're printing. Click the Canon Quick Menu icon to open the window shown above, which contains access to a large number of settings and functions related to the Pro Before you load preprinted paper, verify that the ink on the paper is dry.

Load the sheets with the printable face down and the right edge of the paper resting against the right side of the paper tray. For example, some Stylus Photo printers which offer different paper loading methods or feed paths may not observe the feed method selected.

Dust may affect the print quality. Press OK to save the selection. Peel off the pasteboard, then you can stick the label to other objects. Open the label creation software. Make sure the rear edge guide for the rear manual feed slot is flush with the left side of the printer.

Using the rear sheet guide, insert the paper into the rear manual feed slot as far as it will go, flush with the right edge guide. Transparency In case of color printing using transparencies, the picture quality would be lower than mono printing when the printouts are used on the overhead projector.

If it curls excessively and jams frequently, stop using it.

Xerox WorkCentre 6505N User Manual

Do not load originals that include different sizes or weights of paper. If paper is curled, flatten it before loading it. After printing, remove all regular paper from the printer. Loading envelopes Up to 10 envelopes can be loaded into the tray.

Use only well-constructed envelopes with sharp and well-creased folds. Exposed areas can cause labels to peel off during printing, which can cause paper jams.

The printer feeds in reverse and the paper is ejected from the rear. Before printing on cut-sheet media, make sure paper in the paper tray is not curled.

If the paper is curled, flatten it before you load it. But there doesn't appear to be any routine maintenance required. Attach the rear sheet guide.

Check your machine type see Front view. Using the rear sheet guide, insert the paper into the rear manual feed slot as far as it will go, flush with the right side of the rear sheet guide.

The procedure is finished when the power light stops flashing and remains lit. Close the printer cover and start printing. Turn off the power, don't use volatile chemicals and stick to a microfiber or cotton swab. While it will be more expensive in the long run to operate a printer that makes use of eight inks, the image quality you can achieve by using eight different inks is extremely impressive.

Face up the flap part, and load an envelope as shown in the figure. Make sure the sheets lie flat on the bottom of the tray. Dust on the scanner glass may cause black spots on the printout. The normal caveats apply to cleaning the exterior and anything you can see in the interior although it isn't very accessible.

HP OfficeJet Pro K8600 User Manual

Be careful not to break the scanner glass. Cleaning the print head, with a Deep Cleaning routine if the lighter doesn't work Plate cleaning Roller cleaning In addition you can check the print head nozzles by printing a nozzle check pattern.

Remove the roll paper holder if it is attached. It may be necessary to press OK to navigate to lower-level menus for some models.Loading paper into the front manual feed slot As the printer feeds paper from the front side to the rear side of the printer, keep enough space between the rear side of the printer and the wall, according to the following table.

Table of contents 1 Product information Product configurations . 2. Sep 27,  · To print on roll paper, access the Page Setup dialog box, then select the Roll Paper or Roll Paper - Borderless as the Paper Size setting and resume printing.

To print on paper loaded from the rear manual feed slot, access the Page Setup dialog box, then select Manual - Roll or Manual - Roll (Borderless) as the Paper Size setting and resume.

When you want to print on paper that is not loaded in the paper drawer, load the paper in the manual feed slot. Load the paper that you usually use in the paper drawer. Load the paper in portrait orientation (with the short edge toward the feed slot), with the print side face up.

Paper cannot be loaded in landscape orientation. Insert the paper 10 to 20 mm into the manual feed slot, and then slide the paper guides inward until they are aligned securely against the edges of the paper.

3 How to Use This Manual Symbols Used in This Manual WARNING Indicates a situation that may lead to death or injury to persons. To use the machine safely, always pay attention to these warnings.

Load custom paper in manual feed slot
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