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Dr Keith Flanagan Downloads Full text is not currently available for this publication. Since 1 October a number of theses have been deposited in an electronic format and made available from ePrints Soton [ 2 ], the University research repository.

The decision was therefore taken to unbind theses prior to digitisation. The apparatus is controlled and powered manually. A study into bagasse pulp was motivated by the possibility of making highly value-added pulp products from bagasse for the financial Eprints thesis of sugarcane millers and growers.

A variety of instructional tools including lectures, case discussions, and group projects and presentations are employed. The latter authors used a personal computer for data acquisition.

A targeted email to the alumni produced 19 responses enabling their theses to be uploaded into ePrints Soton for open access. Firstly, bagasse was fractionated based on size. A sample of depithed Argentinean bagasse, which is used for commercial paper production, was also obtained.

Further aspects may prevent the digitisation of theses and electronic distribution that include the presence of published papers, third-party copyright materials within the text and part of the work being submitted as a digital copy.

This stage is too short for heat to penetrate to the edible portion.

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This course introduces the theory and applications of global supply chain management and international logistics. Applications in logistics, manufacturing, transportation are emphasized including problem formulation and interpretation of results using spreadsheets and optimization software.

The heating at this station can be carried out by infrared radiation and that is sufficient to at least partially lift the skin from the flesh. As a Russell Group university with a major research presence, any activities which contribute to overall research impact are highly significant.

As a result, the computational analysis of bioinformatics data sets has been rapidly moving from a lab-based desktop computer environment to exhaustive analyses performed by large dedicated computing resources. This includestonnes of generic photocopier papers 2.

Retrieval of theses from storage for readers and their subsequent return requires effort from a large number of staff. The predicted results of the dynamic model were compared to experimental data.

There are several peeling blades inside the housing, which are orientated in various directions of the passage and act on the stick of asparagus. Conference papers Rainey, T. Clogging as the main limitation prevented the industrial application of the milling cutter as a peeling device.

Chapter 3 focuses on the mechanical properties of tough-skinned vegetables including pumpkin and melon three varieties each. The effects of chemical additives, which are known to improve freeness, were also assessed for their effect on pulp pad permeability and compressibility.

The products are affected by infrared heat from the vessel wall and conductive heat from the superheated steam atmosphere. While the vegetable is rotated, the blade removes the peel.

The peeler head was pivotally connected to the body to follow the irregular shape of the product.Currently the thesis metadata since are captured in both ePrints Soton and the Library catalogue.


Previously toall theses metadata are present in the Library catalogue with a small number of theses prior to this date in the ePrints Soton.

Baillieu Library renovations Following on from the creation of our extensive new study space at the north end of the Baillieu's ground floor, additional project rooms and study spaces are now being constructed in our ground floor south space.

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"van Damme, J". Masters thesis, Universiti Sains Malaysia. Wan Azman, Wan Azlina () The Effects Of Multimedia And Modality Principles On Vocabulary Learning Among Form Four Students. PhD thesis, Universiti Sains Malaysia.

Gan, Kong Meng () A Study On Amphetamine Type Stimulant (ATS) Users In Selected States In Malaysia. PhD thesis, Universiti Sains Malaysia. Does anyone add the names of supervisors when creating eprints records for a doctoral thesis. PGR students sometimes ask for examples of theses supervised by a particular member of academic staff and we do not currently record this information.


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